Apr 302018

The Policy & Research Group (PRG), an independent evaluator, seeks eligible education practitioners applying for the US Department of Education, Education and Innovation Research (EIR) Grant. The EIR grant requires that programs conduct independent evaluations or their EIR projects, and PRG is interested in partnering with high-quality grantees to conduct the evaluation.

PRG has conducted evaluations and research studies of over 50 federally-funded projects and is currently conducting several ongoing randomized control trials (RCTs), quasi-experimental, and observational studies. PRG has extensive experience in school-based research and has conducted six evaluations funded by the Department of Education. PRG serves as an independent evaluator for a current EIR grantee and has served as an independent evaluator for three previous Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) grantees.

We work with partners to prepare the evaluation section of grant proposals and then work with you as evaluator if funded. We worked on a proposal that received one of the highest reviewer scores in the most recent round of funding.

If your organization or agency is interested in applying to EIR and would like to talk more about working with us as your evaluation partner, please contact Emma Foley at emma@policyandresearch.com with a brief description of your entity and the program you are seeking to implement.