Child Health and Welfare

PRG assists community-based organizations, state government agencies, and practitioners to improve the health and welfare of children. We have helped partners with evaluation and research services for programs and initiatives within the child welfare system, for children in need of mental health services, for the promotion of child and maternal health and for children who have special health needs.

PRG conducts qualitative and quantitative research and offers a range of evaluation, data collection, data management, measurement, and statistical expertise. We work in close coordination to help our partners better understand the needs of children, their parents, or the practitioners who provide services. We conduct formative analyses to improve program implementation, and we conduct impact analyses to determine the effectiveness of service delivery.

Examples of some recent research and evaluation work include:

+ PRG is conducting a multi-year evaluation in support of an intervention led by the Tulane University Department of Psychiatry that aims to increase the identification and treatment of trauma within the Louisiana child welfare system;

+ PRG implemented a three-year evaluation of a state-wide early-childhood support and services program designed to identify pre-K children with socio-emotional issues and help them to become school ready. PRG assessed change in both child and parent measures over time;

+ PRG completed a five-year evaluation of a U.S. Department of Education-funded Safe Schools/Healthy Students initiative that worked to improve student socio-emotional outcomes;

+ PRG conducted a statewide needs assessment for Maternal and Child Health Title V funding through a survey of physicians who serve children with special health needs;

+ PRG is assisting with a state-wide family health needs assessment by conducting a series of focus groups with consumers and stakeholders. PRG will prepare a document that presents data visually for each area of need and summarizes focus group findings on possible strategies to address the need.