Evaluation and Research

Experience and Commitment

PRG is committed to the development of effective public policy. We work to produce rigorous research and evaluation that benefits people by improving programs and innovations that aim to improve social, behavioral, health, economic, and employment potential. PRG offers a strong record of success in helping professionals, policy innovators, funders, and government work successfully together to grow effective policies and programs.

Since inception in 2004, we have become a leader in providing rigorous research at the local and state level. We are active in an array of policy areas including education, public health, child welfare, work & income, housing, and adolescent risk reduction. PRG provides: formative evaluation to help our partners implement practices, policies, or programs at any stage of development; process, implementation, and fidelity assessments help clients realize innovations and improve results; outcome assessments for the purposes of monitoring and ongoing performance evaluation; and impact or efficacy research to help clients determine the causal effects of innovations, programs, and policies. We employ qualitative research to find out why, to develop exploratory hypotheses, to better understand the needs and perspectives of constituencies, and to investigate contextual questions that may arise from our confirmatory and quantitative inquiries.

Impact Analyses and Applied Empirical Research

PRG is a leader in economical rigorous efficacy research at the local and state level. We have years of experience in the development and use of cost-effective experimental and quasi-experimental designs for the purposes of causal inference. PRG social scientists are experts in the measurement and analysis of social, behavioral, health, educational, and economic interventions. We employ randomized controlled trials as well as quasi-experimental techniques including statistical and econometric procedures that are designed to approximate randomized designs. Our small team of social scientists provides an efficient and responsive alternative to larger research institutions and academic researchers. We leverage methodological, technical, and measurement developments across disciplines to efficiently deliver the most rigorous research products for our clients. For over ten years, PRG has worked with state government, local districts, agencies, and community-based organizations to help develop and assess innovative and promising programs. PRG’s research has helped inform program and policy decisions across a range of government departments and policy areas.

Implementation and Fidelity Evaluations

PRG helps clients who are developing and implementing a program, practice, or policy by providing them with an external assessment of processes, implementation, outputs, and fidelity. These analyses are usually part of a larger evaluation framework and typically a requirement of a grant funder. Questions that are answered by implementation evaluations include: Was the program implemented according to pre-specified objectives? Was it implemented to fidelity? Did it serve the intended population? Each implementation evaluation is unique, and PRG works collaboratively with partners to specify a plan, set objectives, and define concepts and measures prior to the commencement of the program or policy. Since the purpose of this evaluation is to help our partners implement a program successfully, data and findings are shared with them on a continual basis – formatively – so that they may continue with confidence or make adjustments if necessary. Depending on client inclination, we can provide this formative feedback continually in an array of online formats, in a scheduled series of reports, or interactively as part of a presentation.