Housing & Communities

PRG works with government agencies, national foundations, community-based organizations, housing agencies, and other research firms in the pursuit of healthy, resilient communities, affordable housing, and in the effort to reduce and end homelessness. We provide technical assistance, qualitative and quantitative research, data collection, and evaluation to help inform policy and improve implementation and the effectiveness of programs.

Over the last ten years we have assisted project partners with initiatives that aim to:

+ Improve the livability of a neighborhood in New Orleans, helping community members identify and remove barriers in transportation and mobility, health and caregiving, economic development, and public safety;

+ Assist families displaced around the country by Hurricane Katrina to find stability (emotional support, housing, employment, food, clothing);

+ Expand the use of Individual Development Accounts to enhance asset accumulation for low-income working people;

+ Pilot an effort to proactively enhance community resilience prior to experiencing natural disasters by building knowledge, resources, and networks;

+ Reduce chronic homelessness by providing a housing first intervention that includes the option to receive behavioral health care, access to integrated community supportive services, and mainstream benefits.

PRG principals and analysts work in close coordination with partners to help them better understand the needs of populations of interest, measure opinion, identify barriers, establish performance measures, assess program implementation, and estimate the effectiveness of interventions. As a mid-size firm, PRG is able to remain responsive to clients and collaborative in our approach which helps produce efficiencies as well as theoretical and methodological agility.

Some examples of our current and previous partnerships, collaboration, clients:

+ National Opinion Research Council (NORC) at the University of Chicago


+ American Red Cross

+ UNITY of New Orleans

+ Southern University New Orleans

+ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

+ United Methodist Committee on Relief

We remain attuned to the concerns and obligations of our partners and work to communicate with clarity and transparency. We provide formative evaluation services and cost-effective efficacy research. PRG is a leader in the provision of economical experimental and quasi-experimental studies of programs for the purposes of causal inference. We continue to develop analytic frameworks and data collection techniques that provide partners with insight on the perceptions, reach, fidelity, and efficacy of their efforts to improve health outcomes. PRG’s research has helped inform program and policy decisions within large non-profits such as AARP and American Red Cross, as well as federal departments such as FEMA.