Workforce & Income

PRG is devoted to the advancement of equitable fiscal policy, promotion of economic self-sufficiency, and helping people achieve better employment outcomes. We help our partners build better education and training programs, improve graduation rates, and expand economic opportunity through the provision of rigorous impact and implementation analysis. We also help broaden access to and equity in public policy – especially that which influences low-income populations.

We are leaders in economical rigorous efficacy and impact research at the programming level. We have years of experience in research and evaluation using cost-effective experimental and quasi-experimental designs for the purposes of causal inference. We continue to develop analytic frameworks that provide our clients with insight on labor market and educational impacts, program implementation, uptake and participation, as well as the efficacious communication of policy priorities. We are experienced in the assembly and management of large third-party datasets and the collection of primary data through survey methods.

PRG principals and analysts work in close coordination with state agencies, non-profits, foundations, college administrators and faculty, coalitions, and other research and evaluation partners to build more effective programs and help them fully realize their objectives. We provide technical assistance, a range of data collection and data management services , qualitative research, econometric and statistical analysis. PRG’s research has helped inform program and policy decisions within the Department of Labor and the Department of Education and over the last ten years we have assisted project partners with initiatives that aim to:

+ Improve employment prospects for students in two-year vocational college programs;

+ Develop innovative workforce solutions for disengaged youth;

+ Design new accelerated pathway for jobs in the aviation industry through partnerships with 15 statewide and regional employers;

+ Expand the use of Individual Development Accounts to enhance asset accumulation for low-income working people;

+ Increase the equitability of state spending and taxation for low- and medium- income families by educating policymakers, stakeholders, and citizens about the state budget process;

+ Aid families in developing economic self-sufficiency after the loss of income or displacement following disasters, such as an oil spill or a hurricane.

As a mid-size firm, PRG is responsive and collaborative. We remain closely attuned to the concerns and obligations of our partners. We consistently work to communicate with clarity and in ways that best meet their needs. Some of our previous partners, collaborators, and funders in the Workforce/Income field include:

+ State Fiscal Analysis Initiative

+ Louisiana Budget Project

+ Mississippi Economic Policy Committee

+ U.S. Dept. of Labor

+ Thomas P. Miller and Associates

+ Catholic Charities

+ W.K. Kellogg Foundation

+ Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

+ Vincennes University

+ Community & Technical College System of West Virginia

+ Cape Cod Community College

+ Workforce Investment Board of Herkimer, Madison and Oneida Counties